Tenkasi Junction
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Tenkasi Junction
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Train services for Kutralam are available from Tenkasi & Sengottai. The below list shows the train timings* at Tenkasi Junction (6km, 15 mins from Kutralam, Tel: +91-4633-222234). The timimgs of trains are given below...

Train No. From Station To Station Type Tenkasi Time Frequency
56796 Sengottai Tirunelveli Passenger 6.45 AM Daily
56732 Sengottai Madurai Passenger 7.11 AM Daily
56800 Sengottai Tirunelveli Passenger 10.28 AM Daily
56734 Sengottai Madurai Passenger 12.13 PM Daily
56798 Bhagavathipuram Tirunelveli Passenger 3.31 PM Daily
56736 Sengottai Madurai Passenger 3.51 PM Daily
16182 Sengottai Chennai Egmore Mail Exp 4.10 PM Thurs, Sun
06028 Kollam Tambaram Special 5.15 PM Tues, Thurs
56802 Sengottai Tirunelveli Passenger 6.07 PM Daily
12662 Sengottai Chennai Egmore Super Fast 6.28 PM Daily


Train No. From Station To Station Type Tenkasi Time Frequency
06027 Tambaram Kollam Special 5.13 AM Mon, Wed
12661 Chennai Egmore Sengottai Super Fast 7.40 AM Daily
16181 Chennai Egmore Sengottai Mail Exp 8.05 AM Wed, Sat
56801 Tirunelveli Sengottai Passenger 8.50 AM Daily
56731 Madurai Sengottai Passenger 10.10 AM Daily
56797 Tirunelveli Bhagavathipuram Passenger 10.45 AM Daily
56733 Madurai Sengottai Passenger 2.30 PM Daily
56803 Tirunelveli Sengottai Passenger 3.35 PM Daily
56799 Tirunelveli Sengottai Passenger 7.57 PM Daily
56735 Madurai Sengottai Passenger 7.57 PM Daily


* The train details given are for reference only. They may change.